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Gorod Ustinov exchanged micro-particles with St. Petersburg.

“Micro-art group “Gorod Ustinov” brought into the space of St. Petersburg micro-particles of own territory: white plaster shapes and objects made of fabric. Inclusions are placed in the street, but they are not fixed. Perhaps someone has already found them and they spontaneously move, migrating in the urban environment. However, most of the elements are trusted to participants of the open workshop. Artists, describing their practice and micro-street-art, offered to take one piece and to find in the city a suitable location for it with the condition of the photo-documentation. Members decide for themselves: the particle will remain in the street or continue to move, becoming part of their personal space. Shapes and objects entering into the game of another person, city of the world, remain as the territory of “Gorod Ustinov” and complement it with series of unforeseen relations.”

September 12 – 21, 2015,  ART-PROSPECT 2015CEC ArtsLink, St. Petersburg.

Open workshop and photographs sent by participants:

01-_DSF1409 02-_DSF1539 03-_DSF1541 04-_DSF1597 05-_DSF1513 06-IMG_20150912_165825 07-IMG_20150912_165834 08-IMG_20150912_165842

A bit later this object was found and photographed by other participant, which has not sent photos of her particle yet.

08-k-11145068_983001068407699_7504089518964839616_n09-_DSF1546 10-_DSF1552 11-2015-09-12 16.24.01 12-_DSF1427 13-_DSF1429 14-12020383_898155406900488_907185538_o 15-12005968_898145653568130_1312705641_o 16-12016377_898154840233878_1601915658_o

A month later. Gorod Ustinov recieved this shot for birth day. October 14, 2015


17-_DSF1545 18-_DSF1433 19-image-13-09-15-12-26 20-_DSF1578 21-_DSF1497 22-WP_20150912_014[1] 23-_DSF1557 24-_DSF1467 25-PuVXvzyLyDE 26--X1cdRoTmhg 27-_DSF1555 28-_DSF1556 29-image 30-_DSF1446 31-_DSF1450 32-20150914_223923 33-_DSF1609 34-_DSF1612 35-WP_20150914_20_03_38_Pro

Particle flew farther.

36-WP_20150914_21_20_35_Pro37-_DSF1589 38-_DSF1502 39-IMG_1163 40-_DSF1505 41-_DSF1596 42-IMG_1203 43-IMG_1204 44-_DSF1422 45-_DSF1425 46-_DSF1460 47-_DSF1461 48-_DSF1559 49-_DSF1563 50-_DSF1567 51-_DSF1569 52-_DSF1572 53-_DSF1489 54-_DSF1603 55-_DSF1606

One of the main venues of the festival. The yard is at the crossroads of the Engels prospect and Novorossiyskaya street in which Gorod Ustinov placed 10 objects, while the audience tried to find them.

56-_DSF1641 57-_DSF1619 58-_DSF1630 59-_DSF1634 60-_DSF1637 61-_DSF1644 62-_DSF1527 63-_DSF1652

A bit later.

_DSF191264-_DSF1659 65-_DSF1660

A bit later.

_DSF191766-_DSF1678 67-_DSF1685 68-_DSF1694 69-_DSF1699 70-_DSF1696

A bit later.

_DSF346571-_DSF1702 72-_DSF1715 73-_DSF1720 74-_DSF1722 75-_DSF1730 76-_DSF1737

A bit later the stump was empty.

77-_DSF1748 78-_DSF1785 79-_DSF1764

A bit later.


Find these micro-particles in a large yard was not easy. It seems impossible. But the time spent in searching presented other discoveries to viewers. We know some stories: a wristwatch was found on the wall, white droppings posed as plaster art object, a resident of the first floor took the audience as drug addicts looking for “bookmarks” under the porch of her individual entrance. Unfortunately, there is no photo or video. The idea to offer viewers to document the initiated journey came as a result of this experience. Thank you for your feedback!

We thank the organizers of ART-PROSPECT 2015 for their excellent work and wonderful atmosphere. It became possible to implement experimental project in contact with wonderful Petersburg residents in the context of a dynamic range of local and foreign artists. Thank you, Susan Katz, Lizaveta Matveeva, Alexander Ivanov, Natasha Ergens, as well as the whole team, volunteers and partners of the festival!


Welcome speech by Susan Katz




“Deny, offer”, association “Parasite”, St. Petersburg

"Porridge of Kalashnikov", the group "Bouillon", Georgia

“Porridge of Kalashnikov”, the group “Bouillon”, Georgia


Marina Malygina from group “705”, Kyrgyzstan


“St()ry”, Sergey Shabohin in the group “Prospectus”, Belarus


“Punctuation”, Igor Savchenko in the group “Prospectus”, Belarus


Jess Hirsch, USA


“Rooms”, result of the workshop, Kendal Henry, USA



Michela Lupieri from “Trial version” group, Italy


“Flux Factory” group, USA


“Sever-7” group, St. Petersburg


Context for microparticles of Gorod Ustinov – the islands for “Islands” and the recently extinct relief of Mephisto for “Perfect forms”.


Independent curator Lizaveta Matveeva.