Gorod Ustinov (micro-art-group “Gorod Ustinov”)

The City of Ustinov lasted only 900 days (1984 to 1987). Today this is the city of Izhevsk. As a place on the map Ustinov does not exist, but it remains about itself in the passports of people who were born in this period. Participants of the art group were born then and associate their artwork with the place which no longer exists. They are trying to create their own place of birth, time and space, which once began for them as the city (“gorod” in Russian) of Ustinov.

The main purpose of micro-art-group ”Gorod Ustinov” – learn to feel and appreciate the space, starting with the smallest of its parts. Artists living in the vast extensive country work in the conventional direction of the “micro”. This is the size of objects, and sometimes shortness of their existence, and microcommunications – the level of personal contacts in the process of creating and displaying works. For the perception of such works requires focus attention, take time, and sometimes take part in order to perform voluntary immersion in the space, which at first glance seems to be small. Sinking “between” particles glance falls into the void where especially felt the meaning of particles and connective totality of absence. Something originating in return and inside of emptiness becomes its embodiment.

Main projects:



“Factory of Free Time”.