“Current architecture”

“Current architecture” builds the photographic tape of dozens small prints. Photos have the size of a matchbox and show the transformation of architecture, sometimes completely abstract, and sometimes creating new utopian forms. Miniature format of mobilographies match their original scale – physical size on the mobile phone screen. Average length of a series is seventy shots which were made in chronological order and reflect the process of shooting, mostly producing from one point. Visual transformation of the object is mostly achieved physically by hand and the camera movements while shooting, which takes in average about one and a half hours. One by one, individually photosensitive matrix builds up shots, capturing the relative shifts of the object and the objective lens. Buildings come in a jerky motion as a result of a remote dynamic contact of a person and architecture. Thus, modern environment in one of its fundamental manifestations gets the plasticity of clay, freezing in a variety of shots and series of “Current architecture.” At the same time this is a pattern, ruins and detailed fragments which can be collected as a whole, whether it is a chronological sequence or arbitrary graphic constructions.