“Factory of Free Time”

“Factory of Free Time” unites other projects, e.g.  “Perfect Forms”, “Moments-monuments”, “Typchik(s)” and “Current architecture”, “The tribe of grape seeds” as a part of “Microstreetart” project . First, this is a common name for “Gorod Ustinov” simple and easy to implement by anyone practice. Secondly, this is the name for open workshops held in various contexts for different age groups.

“Factory of Free Time” is a modern folk art that does not require professional artistic skills, special tools, high material expenses. The modern artist, in fact, creates a momentum that catches the audience at the level of images and practices. “Factory …” focuses the audience’s attention on the possibility to pass from view, comments to the action. Practice is instead of patterns, participation is instead of copying. This is a shift from contemporary to joint art, to the art of diversity; from progress to process.

“Factory of Free Time” is a way to spend and make your free time. On the one hand, this is individual and collective practices, self-contained process, filling the leisure time with movements. On the other hand, this is a potential artistic product which produces an impression or spectator’s free time. There are millions of artists, but billions of creators. So the audience is likely next participant, a potential artist who is interested in collaboration.

It is enough to watch and understand to make something yourself. Open workshops are held as the momentum of intensive practice. In the near future instructions for each project will appear or will be added new ones. Open workshops while episodic will be periodic and will cover the full cycle of creative project phases. Perhaps there will be stable communities and permanent spaces for cooperative works.