The Quantum Museum is an artistic project of the micro-art-group “Gorod Ustinov” in the format of an experimental educational course. It combines the practice of contemporary art and modern communication technology. In November, it will start at the site of the Kvantorium Children's Technopark in Izhevsk. During the month, the artists together with the technopark teachers, guests and partners will hold several educational sessions for schoolchildren in the city. There the expansion of the artistic outlook will be combined with practical exercises on video mapping and VR (virtual reality technology). Here art will act as a catalyst for meaningful access to technological capabilities. Along with work in workshops, participation in which is limited, the program includes lectures, presentations and discussions open to all comers.

In this project, active participation in the contemporary cultural process is considered as a way of integration in the international community. Asking about the future of cultural institutions in the world with maximum geographical and social mobility, the micro-art-group “Gorod Ustinov” suggests experimentally exploring the role of the museum as a communication platform. Artists conceptually combine the concepts of “identification, community, environment, mobility” with the terms of quantum physics “particles, entanglement, remote interaction, teleportation”. The result of the invention at the sessions of the Quantum Museum will be its various versions, which are contemporary artistic means of communication with international potential.

The educational aspect and social significance of the project in Izhevsk resonate with the following particular questions. How, being in Udmurtia, to be an active participant in the international cultural, social, economic environment? And vice versa, what could be the basis for the belongingness to the life of the republic, wherever we are? The search for answers to them will be carried out in the process of direct practical activity. Among its tasks are the formation of general cultural and engineering competences of schoolchildren, as well as the development of integration skills in the framework of team work on an international project. For the region, this is a small but significant contribution to human capital and a creative economy.

The project will begin on November 03, last until November 30, 2018, and will consist of three sessions.


Micro-art-group "Gorod Ustinov"

Artists from the micro-art-group "Gorod Ustinov", preferring to remain anonymous, were born in 1986, when the city of Izhevsk was called Ustinov. They work together since 2010. The main goal of their activity is to learn to feel and appreciate space, starting from the smallest particles. They participate in large-scale exhibitions in Russia and Europe. The works are presented in Russian and European private collections, as well as in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts MSK, Ghent, Belgium. In September 2018, they received a grant from the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. They live and work in Ustinov, Izhevsk and other locations. Website:

Children's Technopark “Kvantorium”, Izhevsk

Children's technoparks "Kvantorium" is a large-scale federal network that works to revive the prestige of engineering professions and prepare personnel reserve for the technological leadership of Russia. The purpose of "Kvantorium" is the creation of conditions for the development of a system of high-quality, generally available modern supplementary education of a scientific and technical orientation. More than 1200 children study in Izhevsk Technopark in the following areas: Hi-tech (prototyping, laser machines and 3D printers); Industrial Design; Robotics; VR AR; Aircraft control (copters, gliders); Programming.